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10 Beauty Resolutions To Start The Year Right

Looking and feeling on top of your game begins by taking better care of skin. Girls (and the guys, too), start the year right with these realistic beauty resolutions that are easy to commit to!

1. Exfoliate

Don’t hate, exfoliate! Say goodbye to dead skin cells this 2017 and exfoliate at least once or twice a week.


Exfoliating brings out your skin’s natural radiance.

2. Stop pricking your pimples

In 2016, hypnotic pimple-popping videos made a huge buzz in the world wide web. This New Year, make a pledge to resist popping your zits, even if they are extremely annoying.


Instead of popping your pimples, dry out your pimples with tea tree oil. 

3. Don’t use expired makeup

It would be a tragedy for any beauty lover to throw away limited edition makeup, but please, stop using them if they are past their recommended shelf-life.

4. Wash your makeup brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be quite a chore. However, doing this twice a week will help keep your makeup fresh longer and prevent skin irritation and allergies.


Make sure only clean brushes touch your skin!

5. Remove makeup before sleeping

If you make time to catch up on your social media accounts no matter how tired or sleepy you are, make sure to allot time to wipe off your makeup and cleanse your face before you hit the sack.


Sleeping with your makeup on can cause pimples. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

6. Allow your nails to rest and breathe 

Nail polish sitting on your nails for longer than a month can damage and discolor them. Let your nails have at least a week of vacay before repainting them.


Let your nails go natural once in a while.

7. Be consistent with sun protection

We all know that the sun’s rays can lead to uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles. Protect your skin from sun damage by wearing sunblock everyday and re-applying every three hours.


Always use sun protection, even if it’s a cloudy day.

8. Pamper your skin

Your skin is your first line of defense against pollution and dirt. The least you can do is to indulge in pampering masks at least once a week.


Your skin deserves a lot of TLC not just after a long day, but always.

9. Don’t forget your neck

Signs of aging usually starts around the neck and eye area. When doing your skin care routine, gently massage your favorite creams down your neck, too.

10. Hydrate

Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water everyday. You can also give your skin a moisture boost with hydrating sprays and toners to keep it young and youthful.


Hydrating sprays, creams, and toners soothe the skin and protect it from harmful elements. 

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