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White Hot: 10 Classic White Sneakers You Need To Own Now

Men are very particular with their footwear – after all, it can make or break their look. Some spend a hefty amount on brogues made from Italian leather, others live in their loafers. Let’s get one thing straight, though – every guy needs a pair or two of classic white sneakers.


A definite essential to every man’s wardrobe, white sneakers are amazing not only for their versatility in style and function, but also for the assurance of utmost comfort each time you wear them. Pair it with a blazer and tailored pants for smart casual events, or roll up the bottoms of your dark jeans and put on the first tee you see in your closet for an anything-goes weekend.


White sneakers definitely bring out the Summer vibe all year round. If you don’t have a pair (or two, or more) already, do yourself a favor and shop now. And while they look awesome straight out of the box, they’ll get even more bad-ass with scruff. So go ahead, do your thing and don’t be afraid to get those kicks dirty.

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