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10 Running Essentials To Get You Started

If overall fitness is one of your main goals this year, consider getting into running. It’s one of the most accessible activities there is – you can do it anywhere, at any time of the day, and you can do it at your own pace.

Here are 10 running essentials you need to get started.

Running Shoes

If there’s one running gear you should invest in, this should be it. A quality pair of running shoes can cushion for the ankles and knees, minimizing the risk of injuries.


Sports Bra

For the ladies, chest support is important. Here’s how to pick the sports bra that’s right for you.

Hydration Bottles

Water is important in regulating body temperature and making sure the joints are performing at their optimal level, so drinking water at regular intervals during your run is important.



Cotton socks are absorbent and keep moisture away from your feet.

Sports Watch

Nothing fancy (GPS tracking system and heart rate monitoring functions are optional) – go for a sturdy watch that can help you keep track of your time.



This will help protect your head from the sun’s harmful rays.


Dry Fit Shirts and Hoodies

Dry fit shirts to keep you cool during your run sesh, and hoodies to keep you warm during cooler climates.

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Shorts and Leggings

When going for leggings, look for pairs with compression support.


No more squinting!



Keep all your running essentials in a bag and take it with you wherever you go, so you can run whenever the urge hits you.



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