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4 Reasons Why We Love Leather Shoes

These may bring you fond (or maybe not so fond) memories of your campus shenanigans, but leather shoes are more than just a schoolgirl staple – it has a rightful place in every woman’s wardrobe. Here are four reasons why they are on our must-wear list.
1. Leather shoes let your feet breathe.

Leather is porous, which helps release heat and moisture.

Leather 2

2. Leather shoes fit your feet the way they should.

The more you use your leather shoes, the more comfortable they get – the material eventually moulds to the contours of your feet.

Leather 1

3. Leather shoes are durable.

It may be pricier than usual, but quality leather shoes are a good investment because they last longer.

Leather 3

4. Leather shoes are timeless.

Leather shoes with clean silhouettes and in neutral colors transcend fashion trends (and look sophisticated). Take care of them and you can wear them for years.

Leather 4

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