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5 Filipina Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Filipina photographers are making their presence felt both locally and overseas, tackling themes ranging from fashion to travel, migrant workers, and everyday life. If you’re an aspiring photographer in need of inspiration, look no further – these ladies will make you want to master the craft, go out, and shoot.

Xyza Cruz Bacani

Xyza, a domestic helper in Hong Kong caught the attention of photography enthusiasts worldwide in 2014 when her work was featured in the New York Times. She roamed the streets of Hong Kong and captured everyday life in a series of striking black and white photographs. Since then, she has been granted Magnum Foundation Human Rights scholarship to New York University and is now doing what she loves full-time.

Nana Buxani

Nana is a painter, documentary photographer, and filmmaker whose work tackles issues such as poverty, child labor, and women’s rights.

Carmen Del Prado

Carmen is a multimedia artist and a fashion filmmaker who frequently collaborates with The SM Store. There’s something about her work that ignites feelings of romance and wanderlust.

Shaira Luna

Shaira is a self-taught fashion and advertising photographer whose style has a dreamy, ethereal feel.

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Hannah Reyes-Morales

Hannah is a documentary and travel photographer represented by National Geographic.

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