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5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Man Should Own


If your shoe repertoire should be limited to just 5 pairs, make sure you have these styles in your closet – you’ll definitely have something to wear for every occasion.

Derby Shoes

This hard-working pair will be your reliable companion to client presentations, boardroom meetings, weddings, cocktails, and dressy dates.


For weekends when you want to look laid-back but still put together, sneakers (whether they’re canvas, leather, hi-top or low cut) are the way to go. Wear them to the movies, to the grocery, to the car wash, or to a chill night with the boys. Take them with you when you travel.


Switch to boots if you want a more rugged getup. Boots stand out when paired with slim cut pants that fall just a little bit on top of them.

Boat Shoes

Also known as top-siders, boat shoes come in canvas or leather and are usually top stitched. This shoe style is very preppy and looks great with chinos, polo shirts, and sweaters. Keep your pants on the shorter side.

Penny Loafers

Easy to slip on, loafers are for casual Fridays in the office and for days when you’re in the mood to be in shorts. ¬†Go for a brown pair for that instant summer vibe, and black for a more polished outfit.


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