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7 Ways to Look Ballin’ While on a Budget

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Pricey designer pieces aren’t necessary, if you know how to put your look together. Check out these tips on how you can look ballin’ without breaking the bank:

1. Invest in basics. Since basics are the most versatile pieces in anyone’s arsenal, you have the freedom to dress it up or down. Some basics to consider include: denim jeans, khakis, a bomber jacket, a suit (preferably in Navy), crew neck tees, white dress shirts (not just one), and a solid bag.


2. Work around a color palette. Like how a good Instagram feed gets double taps, a consistent color scheme is a sure-fire way to get nods. Try putting together pieces that have similar pantones – neutrals usually get the best results.


3. Play around with textures. Not all fabrics are created equal. Give your basics a new lease on life by incorporating subtle textures, understated patterns, or even layer clothes.


4. Mind your shoes. It’s all in the details. Clean, well-maintained footwear has a huge impact on your overall vibe. Also, go for leather if you can – it’s comfortable, durable, and timeless.


5. Proper fit is key. You’d be surprised at how much fit impacts your overall silhouette, especially when it comes to trousers; it may not be a designer label, but it will look expensive if it fits you to a T. Pro tip: when you buy a pair from The SM Store, you can get it altered for free. Just ask any of the friendly salespeople and they’ll help you out.

6. Go easy on the accessories. Over-accessorizing doesn’t work for everyone, and it could just be a waste of shopping money. A classic watch and eye wear combo usually does the trick.


7. Exude confidence. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you wear your clothes and how you rock your style. Wear what makes you feel good and everything else will fall into place.


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