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9 Ways To Look Flawless With A Hangover

We’ve all been there: A random weekend out that got a little bit out of hand. You survived the night, but then you wake up with a monumental hangover. Work starts in few minutes and you can’t really play hooky cause that big meeting just had to be today. What do you do?

1. Hydrate. Alcohol can dehydrate your system. Restart your body and fuel up with some good ol’ H2O, lots of it.


2. Put bags on your eyes. Do you prefer to have tea in the morning instead of coffee? You can de-puff the area under your eyes with chilled, antioxidant-rich tea bags. Anything cool reduces puffiness, and caffeine minimizes any discoloration. This might take a few more minutes from your daily routine, but the results are worth it.


3. Wash it off. A quick shower is what every hungover person needs. The refreshing scent of shower gel and cool water running down your skin can wake you up leave you feeling awesome.

4. Try some dry shampoo magic. If a shower’s too much of an effort, dry shampoo is a great alternative as it can mask the smell of smoke from the night before and give your hair some sheen.


5. Moisturize. This can bring life back to your tired skin. A tinted moisturizer works better as it gives you something extra.

6. Skip the foundation. Dehydrated skin may react differently with makeup, and could look cake-y. Try putting on a light bb cream instead.

7. Fight the blues.Those dark blue rings around your eyes can be a dead giveaway. Use beige or salmon-tinted concealer to effectively hide them.


8. Remember, sunglasses are your best friend. Too early for makeup? Slap one of these on and sashay your way to work. Swipe on a lippie and you’ll be good ’til the afternoon.


9. Put together a no-fuss outfit. Figuring out what to wear with a throbbing headache is not a good idea. A slip dress is a quick fix. Bring a jacket in case it gets cold.


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