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A Guy’s Guide To Breaking Up With Class And Style

Breaking up is hard to do. But to leave a relationship with a bad reputation? Even harder. Here are a few tips on how to end a relationship with class and style. Hopefully, you won’t have to do this often.

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Let the person be the first to know.

We know you might be tempted to confide with your best friend, your barkada, or even your siblings, but be classy enough to tell the person first. Nothing can be more embarrassing than hearing the real score from other people. This being said…

Do it face-to-face.

No chatting, texting, or status updates on social media, please. And definitely, definitely, do not just disappear from the face of the earth. Having this last conversation in face-to-face can be painful, but this will give you both closure.

State your reasons clearly.

Expect questions. “Why?” will be the first thing that comes to mind. Be honest as to why you’re ending the relationship. Practice what you’ll be saying beforehand if you need to. Anyone can smell an excuse miles away; you once had a loving relationship, and your soon-to-be ex deserves more than that. You know this.

Do it in private, and consider your timing.

Leaving someone shocked or crying in a restaurant or at a party is uncalled for. Also, breaking up with someone during a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary is like rubbing salt to a wound – avoid it if you can.

Give each other space.

Once the hardest part is over, give yourselves time to think, meet new people, nurture other interests and grow individually. Steer clear of “Hi, I was thinking about you” texts or calls. You might be feeling guilty and want to make sure the former significant other is okay, but this might send mixed signals. Consider doing this maybe in a few months. Not when it’s too soon.

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