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A Home Office You’ll Love Working In: 8 Tips

A 9 to 5 job isn’t the only work setup available these days. Many entrepreneurs and professionals in the IT and creative industries are choosing to work from home. They have the freedom to manage their own schedules. Plus, they don’t have to drive or commute to and from work.

A well-planned home office can make you feel productive and inspired. Here are some tips on designing a home office you’ll feel fulfilled working in.

1. Invest on quality equipment.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on speed and efficiency. A fast Wi-Fi connection is a must so you can have the flexibility to work from your desk, table, or chair. Get a computer with powerful processors and a compact, noise-free printer. If you have a landline, choose a phone designed with speaker and conferencing options that are easy to program and use. The last thing you want is to waste time trying to figure out how these things work.

2. Consider your lighting.

A lot of people make the mistake of putting their home office in a dark corner of a room – but doesn’t that remind you of a cubicle? Your home office should have as much natural light as it can get, so position it near a window. A quality table lamp will come in handy for days when you have to work at night.

Natural Light

3. Make sure you’re comfortable.

Consider your well-being while working – you should feel comfortable during the entire day. The top of your computer screen should be slightly below eye level. Splurge on a chair that supports your back, a mouse shaped to fit your hand, and a keyboard pad that allows your wrists to rest while typing.

4. Have enough storage and be creative about it.

Many home offices have reference materials bills, documents, and other paperwork scattered everywhere. Make sure you have enough storage equipment to keep your home office clutter-free – and you don’t have to use filing cabinets.


5. Create a personal nook.

Set up a cozy corner in your home office where you can think, read, or take a nap – anything that will refresh your mind and get your creative juices flowing. It could have a comfy chair, some pillows, and even a small side table for your tea or coffee.

Personal Corner

6. Keep cables out of the way.

Seeing electrical cords and cables running along the floor can be distracting. And admittedly, those wires don’t look nice so make sure they’re out of sight. It will be easier to clean your space, too.

7. Add a touch of green.

It’s been scientifically proven that plants make people feel happier. A vase filled fresh flowers on your desk or easy to maintain greens such as succulents will add life and positive energy to your home office.


8. Stock up on office supplies.

Have a well-stocked desk complete with all the supplies you need: stapler, paper clips, pens, sticky notes, folders, envelopes, and so much more. Keep them close to your desk so they’re right there when you need them.


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