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A Guy’s Guide to Dressing From Day to Night

A full schedule does not necessarily mean you need to go home for an outfit change.

It’s all about dressing smart. Versatile pieces are key to maximizing your look for the day. Here are some ideas on how to assemble an outfit that works for your busy lifestyle.

Light Jacket. This is essential as it enables you to adapt to the mercurial weather as well as dressing up or dressing down an outfit. So if you’re working in a freezing office, or maybe just watching a movie, you have something to keep you warm. If it gets too hot, just take it off and you’re good!



White Sneakers. It’s comfy and lets you get to your meetings and errands with ease. It’s also easy to pair with any outfit. When in doubt, the white sneaker is a dependable choice.


Tailored pants – It’s all in the styling. Throw on a pair of structured trousers and you’re pretty much set for the day. Pair it with a good t-shirt and a blazer for a slightly formal look. Remove the blazer and you’re up for drinks with friends.


White Dress Shirt. It goes with almost anything. Put on a fun jacket and it instantly gives you a more laid back look. Got a big meeting with a client, or maybe a hot date? Just tuck it in and you’re good to go.



Carry On. A trusty bag can carry everything you need for the day. Get something a little understated so it goes easily with any outfit.


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