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Au Cinema: Carmen del Prado’s Closet

“I always liked the idea of moving images and capturing moments,” intimates Carmen del Prado. Tagged as one of the ladies making waves behind the camera, Carmen’s style is a self-declared mix of Coppola and Anderson with roots found in documentary style photography.

“Sometimes when I do my test shoots or video shoots, it’s really more the mood that I’m after than the story,” muses the fashion filmmaker. “Initially I am inspired by a picture in my head but I always think in terms of colors. I guess it’s because I’ve always grown up around palettes, my mom paints and that’s the environment I’ve been in.”

After admitting to never really finding herself to be so immersed in fashion, Carmen comments how it’s never really just about the clothes with fashion for her, “I think for me it’s also about the setting, the art direction, and the story behind it.” Interestingly (yet unsurprisingly) enough this philosophy governs even the world that is her walk-in closet. Each piece rummaged through resembles a dog-eared page in the photographer’s storybook. From a thrifted piece she’s had to haggle violently for to a pair of trousers from her travels, Carmen’s closet is an easy way to flesh out tales from her many trips. “I guess I really like a mix of classics, stuff you find in SM like basics are always good and then mixing that up with conversation pieces like printed trousers from flea markets or pasalubong from decades ago. But more than anything it’s really about supporting local for me.”


Carmen wears a band jacket from a gypsy market in San Francisco, white sleeveless top from The SM Store, and silk trousers from her recent trip to India.


White button-down dress from SM Woman, a leather jacket from her mom (“that’s probably about 30 years old or more now!”), and a surfboard made by Paolo Soler of SKWALA Surf Boards (“the print is hand dyed by Luisa Jimenez of World of Patterns”).


“The tennis racket belonged to my dad in the ’70s and the metal camera chest is his too since he was also into photography back then! The hat is from my tita during her travels as a teenager, the woven bag is by my good friend Ebony Lautner and her brand called Lalee—she’s supporting the local weaving community in La Libertad in Negros Oriental. The frames are from SM!”

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