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Bo Athletics 12-Week Fitness Program: Week 1

If a healthier lifestyle is part of your 2017 goals, Bo Athletics created a 12-Week Fitness Program to get you started.

For Week 1, do body weight exercises for mobility training and to boost muscular and cardiovascular endurance. What’s great about these exercises is that these require minimal space and equipment – you can do them anywhere. What’s more, these help your body do everyday tasks (like carrying groceries, for example) more efficiently.

Do these workouts at least 1-2 times this week. Rest for 60 seconds in between sets.

Body Weight Squats | 20-25 Reps | 1 Set

Squats increase leg endurance and improve overall balance.

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Overhead Front Lunges | 15 Reps | 1 Set

Front lunges strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core muscles, all of which tone the lower body. Front lunges also improve the flexibility of your hip flexors; tight hip flexors can cause lower back pain.

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Push Ups | 15-20 Reps | 1 Set

Push ups target several muscle groups. These build chest strength, and also engage your core, abs, obliques, and lower back.


Body Weight Dips | 15-20 Reps | 1 Set

Dips help tone the triceps and engage the forearms, chest, shoulders, and lower back. You can do dips on any low-lying but stable surface, such as a step or a chair.


Inverted Rows | 15-20 Reps | 1 Set

Inverted rows are great for your upper back. These tone the shoulders and the arms, and improve your grip.


Mountain Climbers | 25 Reps | 1 Set

An intense full body workout, mountain climbers improve core and lower body strength.


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