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See how the fashion-forward stylist and Preview magazine’s fashion director nailed all the looks for SM Makati’s newest face, Aimee Song


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How was your experience working with Aimee Song?

Exciting of course, it always is when you’re working with someone who is as in love with fashion as you are. There was great energy and an almost constant exchange and understanding of style ideas which made dressing her up as easy and efficient as it was as fun and satisfying.

What attributes do you love about her?

That she has a distinct fashion point of view, that it was more of a collaboration than just a one-way styling process. And that her perception (about the final pieces that she’ll be wearing) in the fitting room was honed to how each piece can work best with her body frame, on how it’ll move, what she can do in it, and how well she can represent the ideal SM Makati woman.


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On location. SM Makati Style up muse Aimee Song (in a denim jumpsuit from SM Woman and open toed mules from Parisian) with stylists Daryl and Andre Chang and photographer BJ Pascual.


Tell us about the process of choosing the looks for the campaign. What trends did you want to highlight and what was your favorite ensemble?

I initially went through the comprehensive offerings available, one by one, per area, per floor, making sure that I saw all the merchandise and then I edited it down to the best pieces that would be the most visually compelling. We (Aimee and I) then whittled it down to eight looks that speak for the season: the easy menswear coordinates, 70’s secretary dressing, pastel pleats, athleisure, tailored romantic, gypsy love, graphic grids, and reworked denim in the form of a slouchy denim jumpsuit (worn best when oversized) that’s my favorite—and Aimee’s: “This is so Rihanna!” she said.



All merchandise from The SM Store : SM Men, SM Woman, GTW, Parisian Shoes and Bags, SM Accessories


All merchandise from The SM Store : SM Men, SM Woman, GTW, Parisian Shoes and Bags, SM Accessories



What do you love about the look you styled for her for the Preview Ball?
The theme for the Preview Ball this year was geek chic and we picked a vintage looking (but so now), waisted sheer dress decorated by red repetitive dots from SM Makati’s Fashion Forum and styled it with a giant bow wrapped around the neck. We wanted to come in theme but not being too literal. We loved the dress because while it was pretty it was also poetic—a nod to Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s signature red and white spotting—art nerding at its finest, and the perfect intellectual and stylish approach to the dress code of the party.

Written by Margaux Salazar

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