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Finders Keepers: Cute Decors That Add Character To Your Home

Take it from us: we know how downright hard it is to pass by the home décor section. Aside from the quaint flower jars and fluffy little pillows we wish we really need, there are always other several pieces of furniture that we end up justifying on our to-buy list. The struggle of hunting for the most unique pieces that won’t harm our wallets is way too common for many of us, and it doesn’t help our compulsive-buying tendencies that the items look like they came straight right out of Pinterest.


Magnifying glass, P1,299.75; crates (smallest to largest), P129.75, P249.75, and P379.75. All from SM Home.

Good news is, we found these interesting and affordable home accessories you might actually have use for, aside from them being conversation-starter pieces (if that right there is not enough reason already). Case in point: You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to take your home styling ideas to the next level—sometimes, all you need is a dash of creativity, time, and a short trip to the mall to recreate your ideal room vignette.


Bamboo stackables, P149.75 each; faux succulents, price available upon request. All from SM Home.

So whether you’re looking into doing a mini makeover, or really just itching to switch things up a bit, you might want to check out these adorable home accents that will give you a picture-perfect personal space.


Crates (smallest to largest), P229.75, P 279.75, P429.75, and P579.75. All from SM Home.


Fusion pillow, P1,299.75 and anchor pillow, P1,299.75, SM Home; denim skirt, P799.75, SM Woman.

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