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Heels 101: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Heels

Heels aren’t just shoes; it’s a woman’s way to express her creativity, mood, and personality. A woman gets a confidence boost as soon as she steps into her favorite pair. Various silhouettes have emerged throughout the years – from Jane Birkin’s hippie clogs during the 70s to Lady Gaga’s outrageous platforms, heels have indeed come a long way. And despite the fact that some pairs may cause discomfort when worn for long stretches of time, women still can’t get enough of them. Get to know more about the different styles of heels and decide which ones suit you best.

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Triangular or wedge in shape, the sole and the heel of wedge shoes are made of only one material. Wedges look awesome with maxi dresses, A-line skirts, shorts, and flared pants.


Platform heels are designed in such a way that the sole of the shoe is thicker. Fans of this style say platforms are easy on the feet since there’s less height difference between the sole and the heel.


Stiletto heels are thin and long, which can be as high as 8 inches! Stilettos create the illusion of height, improve posture, and accentuate the calves.


Backless and often close toed, mules can be of any height. Make your mules stand out by pairing them with cropped pants.


While mules can have any type of heel, clogs usually have a solid platform heel made of rubber or wood. Wear them with skinny jeans or a sweet, dainty dress.


Also known as high heels, pumps are usually closed toe or open toe shoes with heels starting at 2 inches. Pumps are a must-have for working girls!

Kitten Heels

Kitten heel shoes have a short and slender heels, usually 1.5 inches in height. These are the perfect choice for days when you can’t decide whether you should wear heels or flats.

Cone Heels

The heel is wider at the sole and narrower at the base. Imagine an ice cream cone at the bottom of your shoe!

Chunky Heels

This is the general term for any heel with a wider base and is typically square. Wear them with maxi skirts and dresses for a relaxed, carefree vibe.

Dance Shoes

Strappy shoes that typically have an enclosed back and ankle strap, dance shoes are comfy and stable enough to let you get your groove on during special occasions.


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