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Holiday Decorating with Interior Designer Martina Bautista

Get to know the young, talented, and artistic Martina Bautista, and learn a few tricks on how to make your home Christmas decor a lot more interesting this year.

Martina Bautista 

Tell us a bit about your background as an interior designer and visual merchandiser.

Well, I finished Interior Design at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde in cooperation with Philippine School of Interior Design in 2012 then took my boards in 2013, and I’ve been practicing ever since. I’ve also done quite a bit of visual merchandising and styling since then. Honestly, if it has anything to do with space or spatial design, I’ve dabbled in it. I’m currently practicing as a freelance interior designer represented by Substance Ph.

What are some of your favorite projects, so far?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite because I love all my projects! I guess for interiors, I have this one project I did for Roomful of Learners that has a special place in my heart because of the amazing response it’s gotten from all the kids that use it. I’m working on their second branch now.

Can you share some tips and tricks for those decorating their homes for the holidays?

My number one tip would be to have fun with it and show off your personality! I honestly believe that gone are the days where you were only allowed red and green decor for Christmas. You only get Christmas once a year, might as well go all out!

I recently saw a tree done with a “candy land” or “sweets” theme and I thought it was so cute with all the donuts and cupcakes hanging on it! I also love the grayscale trend for Christmas this year, with wood touches and neutral everything!

Martina Holiday

Another tip would be to spread out the decor all over the house. Whether it be adding new Christmas towels to your bathroom, or something as simple as buying a new candle scent to make your home feel more festive, I think it makes a big difference in the overall vibe of a space.

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What about for festive tablescapes?

For tablescapes, I always look for decor that makes a space feel most magical. From artificial tree branches to led candles, it’s always nice to have something interesting at the center of your table to set the mood. I also like to tell people to play with height, try to avoid buying accessories that are all the same height, it’ll be really interesting for your guests as no one will have the same view  from their respective seats.

A photo posted by @smhome on

A photo posted by @smhome on

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

On my Christmas wishlist this year is a new laptop maybe. Or maybe a pantone color book! Or a bunny, I’d love a bunny! I’m the worst at making Christmas lists for myself!

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