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Interior Motives: The Easiest Way to Dress Up Your Home

Plenty of people have been following the “outdoors as indoors” idea, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this look is by using succulents and herbs. Succulents and herbs are very easy to maintain and you only need to water them once a week at most. They come in different kinds—be it in color, shape, or size.

Succulents-1 (1)

Plants in basket (left to right): lavender, P249.75; mint, P279.75; oregano, P279.75; basil, P279.75; basket, P999.75; eye wear, P379.75; sun hat, P299.75. All items available at The SM Store.

There are many different ways to decorate your home using them: Some people like hanging their succulents and herbs in gardens, or even in cages, while others just put them in cute little treasure chests and they still look just as chic. Succulents and herbs carry themselves well enough to look as great as a centerpiece even on its own and the best part is you can put them in the most unconventional containers: wine bottles, cake holders, and even coffee mugs (they would even look cuter on teacups!). Why not make a whole garden of succulents and herbs then display them on a wooden ladder? You can also try a wreath, which you can usually hang by the door (some people use faux wreaths because they last longer).


Lavender, P249.75; “LOVE” sign, P999.75; basket, P249.75; brown handbag, P999.75. All items available at The SM Store.

These pretty little plants are definitely one of the quickest, easiest, and most stylish ways to bring life into your homes.

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