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Jasmine Maierhofer Sees The World Through The Catwalk

Filipino-German Jasmine Maierhofer started modelling at 15. Eleven years later, she’s still working it—and going places, of course.

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How did you get into modeling?

Everything fell into place after I joined Elite Model Look 2005 and won Elite Model Look in Print.

What do you love most about modeling?

I love being able to travel to different places and being able to stay and eat in cozy hotels for free.

What’s a memorable experience while on the job?

It was when I had a fashion show in Singapore. I have small feet compared to other models; the standard model size is size 9 and I’m a size 7.5. We didn’t fit the shoes prior to the show so when it was my turn to walk, it fell of my feet! I just picked up the shoes and gave it to my partner while we were on stage. The client got mad according to my agent. Well, I just started modeling at that time so it was part of a learning process.

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How is it modeling around Asia? Which countries have you worked in now and where are you headed next?

I’ve tried modeling in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. It is actually challenging when modeling abroad. Good thing the Philippines is part of Asia so I don’t experience trouble when it comes to the time difference unlike my other co-models. It’s usually a two-month agency contract when modeling around any part of Asia. In every trip, I always have a new set of model friends; sometimes I bump into the same friends I’ve met from different countries. I learn and adapt to their culture (A favorite thing I’ve been practicing is taking a bath every night instead of every morning).

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Who do you look up to?

I look up to God who inspires me to be the best that i can be. Jesus is my role model. He is the one who gave me this look that fits as a fashion model, so I am giving back the honor to Him.

What’s something maybe most people don’t know about you?

Maybe they don’t know how strong my faith is. There is no other happiness than making others happy.

What else are your career goals or dreams?

This year, I’m planning to travel more for modeling because I’m actually quite old in the modeling world so I’m giving myself a shot in modeling abroad. Then after modeling, I’m planning on taking a course on video editing that’s focused on weddings.


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