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Makeup Organizers For Every Beauty Product You Own

We totally get you, beauty junkies. If you’re reading this, chances are, you too, are constantly struggling to keep your prized collection intact. Not that we’re blaming you, nobody in her right state of mind can pass up on those new limited edition lippies—there are just way too many pretty shades to say no to!


Cosmetics organizer, P799.75, SM Home.

While we certainly can’t stop you from buying makeup for every outfit you own, we can otherwise help you declutter your space. It’s crucial that you neatly store and stack your stash together to save you time and effort looking for the right product. There are many makeup organizers to suit your beauty needs that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, for just a fraction of the price. The most popular ones being those made of glass and acrylic, letting you easily show off your well-curated kit, but you can also get those stackable opaque boxes or those swiveling containers that allow for instant access.


Cosmetics organizer, P279.75; vanity mirror, P179.75, Cascade; both from SM Home.

Just imagine how life could be so much easier with these handy containers. Not only do they prolong product lifespan, they also make room for more cosmetic products (in case you want a more valid excuse to hoard more lipsticks, duh).


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