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Nico Bolzico Is The Face of #SMMenDenim 2017

Businessman, polo player and husband Nico Bolzico fronts the #SMMenDenim 2017 campaign. As CEO of his own agricultural firm and an avid polo player, Nico Bolzico juggles his time between being indoors as much as he is outdoors, all while still dressed in style. On weekdays he runs from meeting to meeting, leading a hardworking team of men and women to reach their company’s full potential. On weekends, he devotes his time to being the loving (and funny) husband to one of the country’s It Girls and still creating waves of his own, booking event appearances left and right. Nico Bolzico is just the right mix of tough ruggedness partnered with an understated flair – traits that SM Men Denim hold high.

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Day in and out, Nico switches from being a businessman, polo player, and a husband. “My priority is my wife so I always try and spend most of my time with her and do things together. Then I have my projects and my own corporation and I devote my time to that as well.” On weekdays he dons a power suit mixed with some denim, “Wearing denim can give you a lot of authority, it gives you that confidence. You can wear denim everywhere – just not in a wedding – and wear the whole outfit from day-to-night.” As the weekend enters, his style becomes more relaxed and comfortable. If you don’t spot him in events around the metro, he’s out in a farm riding horses. “I’m a country boy. I grew up in a farm surrounded by horses so I’m pretty comfortable around them. I love wearing jeans. It’s comfortable and it’s what we used to wear when we would ride casually in the farm. It’s what we wore when playing polo, too. I think denim can look formal but also very rough. When you wear it, it gives you that fresh look.”

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Admittedly, Nico doesn’t go for trends but he focuses more on timeless, classic pieces. “I’m a simple guy, and SM Men Denim fits my style completely. Their denim wear makes my body look very nice and hugs my body in all the right places. If you think they look really tight, they aren’t. They’re actually very comfortable and very flexible and easy to wear.” SM Men Denim makes sure that its pieces are not just wearable but are fit to every personality by offering various washes and styles. But for Nico, only one kind of denim reign supreme, “Blue jeans, no doubt. Light wash always. I love seeing them getting dirty.”

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Simple, rugged, and country — these are the words that best describe Nico and his style. “I’m not so much of the guy who cares about how he dresses. I want to look presentable while still being able to show who I am. With SM Men Denim, I can do just that. Their denim collection allows anyone to keep browsing through their styles and always find one that would fit. They truly have it all.”

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