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On The Road With Makeup Artist Slo Lopez

If you noticed an aura of mystery in the #WanderWithSM campaign, makeup artist Slo Lopez made sure the characters looked the part of two wanderers heeding the call of the road.

The self-taught makeup artist, 25, has always loved makeup, even as a kid. “I started being interested in makeup at around 6 years old when I discovered it in movies and books. I’ve also always been makeup-obsessive, I love collecting makeup and one of my favorite things is really just to create looks for myself,” she says.

Slo Lopez

A highly creative person, becoming a makeup artist was something that just came naturally for Slo. “I guess you can say that my entry into the industry kind of just happened. I’ve always tried to get into an artistic medium but painting/drawing on paper or canvas just never clicked. I never had anything to say.”

“When I started painting faces and skin though, it just suddenly made so much sense. I was filled with ideas and a need to do it. It wasn’t a definitive or conscious decision for me; it was very organic. I started doing small freelance gigs and test shoots during my third year in college and then I would always just say yes to whatever opportunities that came my way. I’m very lucky that all of that has led to me being able to do makeup as work.”


Asprey Chameleon. As seen in the Asprey campaign. Photo: JL Javier 

Slo has worked for projects in various fields, doing makeup for magazine covers, fashion editorials, look books, videos, films, and theater. She thinks that the collaborative process “has really made working as a make-up artist amazing.”


Clown. Photo: Dookie Ducay | Model: Megan Malone | Hair: Mong Amado

The self-confessed maximalist gets inspiration from art, documentaries, music, films, kitsch and even drag queens. Her quirky, eclectic, and experimental sense of style gives her work a lot of character.


Clara. As seen in Preview Magazine. Photo: Paolo Crodua | Model: Clara Aseniero | Styling: Maura Rodriguez Hair: Jan Edrosolan 

“I just try to stay perpetually interested and curious; I try to find beauty in everything,” she says. “I’ve always liked to mix things together and see what happens.”


ET. As seen in Scout Magazine. Photo: Roy Macam | Model: Jessica Yang | Hair: Mycke Arcano | Art Direction: Belle Rodolfo

For the #WanderWithSM campaign, Slo says, “I wanted the look to be natural but have a glamorous feel. I think that there is so much romance in the idea of going on a trip –  I wanted it to look both relaxed and glamorous.”


Slo’s work for the #WanderWithSM campaign. Photo: Dennis Robert Lo | Styling: Kim Barik

Here are more of Slo’s thoughts on traveling and her travel must-haves.

What are your favorite trips here in the Philippines?

I used to go on family beach trips to Batangas regularly as a kid. The traditions and history that I associate with those trips make them my favorite. Beach trips always hold a special place in my heart.

Dream destinations you’d love to go to?

I’d love to go to Japan and New York.

What are your favorite travel memories?

My favorite memories are the little things, the small conversations you have with the people you travel with. The laughs, the ghost stories, the food, and roughing it out with friends.

What are your travel essentials?

Sunscreen (Sunkiller is my favorite), moisturizer (the Nuxe dry oil is my favorite all-purpose one), shades, a book, and my denim jacket.

What are your go-to on the road songs?

Oh there are a bunch but some of the top of my head are:

  • Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)
  • Soft Cell –  Tainted Love
  • R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix)
  • David Bowie – Heroes
  • War – Low Rider
  • TLC – Creep
  • MGMT – Electric Feel
  • Lauryn Hill – Ex-Factor

Any skin care tips for those who are always out and about?

Never forget to moisturize, apply SPF liberally, and enjoy every minute :)


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