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Perfect That Holiday Eye Makeup In 5 Steps

With office parties to back-to-back barkada reunions on the calendar, we can definitely say that Christmas has arrived. Dressing up and getting your makeup done can be a bit daunting. So, instead of paying a couple of extra bucks to have your makeup done, why not try it yourself?

One of the first things people notice are one’s eyes, so on point eye makeup is essential. We all know that blending is key to make any eye makeup look fab and professionally done, but aside from that, here are five easy steps you have to take note:

1. Rev Up For Prime Time

Make your eye makeup last longer by prepping your lids with an eye primer or a cream-based shadow in the same shade as your main shadow. Dab and blend the primer with a flat shader brush or your ring finger. Priming also makes the color of your shadows pop!

2. Get That Lid Action Going

It’s time to bring out the bling! Since it’s the holidays, you may want to try metallic shades. Add dimension to your look by deepening your eye’s outer V and crease with a dark matte shadow applied with a small blending brush. For a bright eyed-look, don’t forget to highlight your brow bone and tear duct area.

eye makeup 1

3. Throw (In Some Transition) Shade

What is a transition shade? It is a neutral-toned eye shadow, diffused with a fluffy blending brush across the crease. Adding a transition shade makes blending your eye shadows from light to dark more seamless.

4. Look Sharp

Go all out gorgeous and redefine your eyes – nothing says fierce better than a sharp winged liner. Also, good news gang, your liner can cover up some of your blending mistakes.

eye makeup 3

5. Lash Out

Finish off your eye makeup with wispy and fluttery lashes. Get longer and plumper lashes by curling and coating your lashes with a waterproof mascara. You can start from the root then wiggle the wand upwards for better results. If you prefer a more dramatic look, you may opt to stick in a pair of falsies.

P.S> Make sure your brows are groomed, too.

eye makeup 4

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