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Plus-Sized Dressing Rules, Updated

If you think plus sized women should only dress a certain way, think again. Here are plus-sized dressing rules, updated.

Before: Light colors bring unnecessary attention to your figure, and can be unflattering.

Now: You can dress up in any color you want – just make sure it compliments your skin tone. Choose a cut and fit that flatter your curves. Bonus tip: Nude-colored shoes make your legs look longer.



Before: White bottoms are a no-no.

Now: White pieces won’t make you look bigger if you choose the right cut, just as black ones won’t slim down your figure if these don’t fit you well. When shopping for white bottoms, choose pieces made from sturdy fabrics – such as white denims. The thick material supports your curves and ensures there are no visible underwear lines.



Before: Loose clothing hides a lot of figure flaws – the baggier it is, the better.

Now: Covering yourself in yards and yards of fabric won’t flatter your figure. It’s better to wear an outfit that gently hugs your curves. This jersey jumpsuit, for example, has the right amount of stretch that creates a smooth and sexy look without being too clingy on your body.



Before: Prints aren’t your best friend.

Now: Of course you can wear prints. Just make sure the size of the print is proportional to your figure. Don’t do full-on print; pair a printed top with a plain, solid-colored bottom, and vice versa. Also, thin stripes make you look slimmer than wider ones.



Before: Being trendy is too risky, just stick to the classics.

Now: If you feel good in it, wear it. The secret is to adapt the trend according to your figure – look for options with longer sleeves or muted colors. Here’s how you can look music festival-ready.


Or everyday street smart.



Before: It’s impossible to show subtle hints of skin.

Now: Off-shoulder tops look great on all body types, including curvy ones.

Off Shoulders

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