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Sports Bra Shopping: Pick The Right One For You

There’s a wide range of sports bras in the market; which one do you actually need? Which has the right fabric? Which one would give your girls enough support? How do you know if it’s the right size? Can it make you look cute while you exercise?

Don’t sweat on the small stuff, (because trust us, we know that exercising can do that for you) here are a few pointers on how you can find THE sports bra for your needs.

1. Just like normal bras, have yourself measured by an expert. This will help avoid common mistakes like choosing a sports bra with a cup size that’s smaller (or bigger) than what you actually need.



2. Try testing your sports bra in the fitting room with a couple of jumps, stretches, and bends. This is to be sure that you can move freely and nothing pops out when you move. Check the neckline, arm holes, and seams – these should not rub on your skin and cause painful chafing.


3. Look for high performance fabrics that are specifically made for movement. Lycra spandex material delivers the right combination of stretch and support.

It also helps if the sports bra is made of fabric that keeps moisture away from your skin.


4. Having two or three sports bras in your rotation wouldn’t hurt. The average life span of a sports bra is between 9-15 months. Make each last longer by alternating them – besides, you need a different kind of sports bra for different activities:

Low Impact
For exercises that require minimal movements such as stretching, breathing, yoga, ballet, and pilates, a low impact bra is comfy, lightweight, and can provide enough support.

Medium Impact
For activities that require a bit more physical effort, a medium impact sports bra will give you the hold you need. This is useful for jogging, spinning, and gym exercises, and is versatile enough for women with cup sizes ranging from A to C.

Maximum Impact
For ladies who do strenuous workouts like HIIT, crossfit, or weightlifting, or do sports like volleyball, basketball, or football, maximum support and protection is needed. A maximum impact sports bra is also preferred by women with bigger cup sizes or those on the heavier side.



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