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Teena Arches: Plus-size and Proud

Plus size model, Youtube vlogger, and makeup artist Teena Arches starred as one of the head-turners in our recently launched Women’s Month video. The 24-year old fashion design graduate started modelling in 2014 for local online stores. She then became a segment regular in a popular noontime variety show, which gave her modelling career a push. Teena tells us what’s it like to be a plus size model and shares tips on how to show off those curves.

How is it like to work as a plus size model?

Empowering! It’s a great way to show everyone and the industry that ANYONE can wear great clothes and also model.

Have you ever been turned down for a gig for being “too big”?

Yes, I auditioned for this commercial and apparently, what they meant by plus size is “chubby/a girl with a little meat on her body”. Haha!

Who are the models you look up to?

Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence.

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What would be your dream project/s?

A high fashion editorial shoot!

What would you say are your best features?

I would honestly say, my personality and my eyes.

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What outfits do you feel confident in?

I like clothes that show off my curves. Peplums or high waisted skirts  make my waist look smaller and emphasize my shape.

Can you share tips on how curvy ladies can highlight their assets?

Try not to wear too many layers and don’t cover up with too much clothes. Know which area of your body needs to be accentuated. Ideally, we’d like an hourglass shape, so look for pieces that can mimic that. Just because we’re plus size, doesn’t mean you have to cover up all the time. ALSO, you shouldn’t care what other people think. As long as you love what you’re wearing and you feel comfortable and fashionable in it, then go ahead and rock that outfit.

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