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Travel-inspired Fashion: Sartorial Santorini



Have you ever wondered why the colors of the majestic Santorini islands are predominantly blue and white?





Aside from it being set against the blue ocean and skies, the Greek island is world-famous for its picturesque blue and white towns which go back to the 1960s, when a military government was in the seat of power. Thinking that blue and white symbolized unification and supported their political agenda, the government mandated that all buildings must be repainted in these colors if they weren’t already. The combination quickly became the trademark of the islands and led to a surge in tourism. A few years later, the government passed a law that all houses must be painted in these beautiful hues, making the island a truly soothing and aesthetically pleasing vacation spot.


WHEN IN SANTORINI: Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, go wine tasting in one of the island’s numerous vineyards, then dive and snorkel or simply bask in of one of the island’s pristine beaches. Peak season on the island begins in early April and ends in late September.

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