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Treasure Trove: Timekeepers

You know what they say: a man is only as efficient as the time on his wrist. This nifty timepiece, a subtle boast of a man’s dignity, decides his pace and wagers his chances. How else is he to know when to call it a day at work, or when to get off for a meeting?


Brown watch box, P1,199.75; brown square box, P599.75; blue squared watch, P349.75; black leather watch, P449.75; dark brown leather watch, P399.75; caramel leather watch with black outline, P449.75; black beaded bracelet, P99.75; brown and green striped bracelet, P149.75; red and white bracelet, P129.75; black wooden bracelet, P49.75; brown weave bracelet, P99.75.

Owning this statement piece used to be every bit as expensive as it is functional. Not everyone can simply afford shiny silver dials or embossed minute markers; luckily today, affordable watches have evolved significantly – these do not only turn time but can also count calories! Whether your man opts for the sleek, classic version, a smartwatch, or one that’s ultra sports-luxe, prolonging its lifespan is still an imperative. How, you ask? Watch boxes, we daresay—and stylish ones at that.


Caramel rectangular box, P899.75; dark brown wallet, P299.75; long rectangular box with transparent top, P1,099.75; brown square box (set of 2), P599.75 each; long rectangular box, P899.75; black fedora hat, P249.75; black watch, P349.75; blue sporty watch, P349.75; brown beaded bracelet, P149.75; brown 2-strap bracelet with silver lock, P99.75; brown leather watch with silver outline, P449.75; brown leather watch with black outline, P349.75.

Practicalities aside, why pass up a perfect excuse to display a prized collection? We appreciate a man with quite the exquisite taste, too, you know.

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