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Watch: SM Youth Go-See Season 2 Finale

After screening over a hundred aspirants and completing 6 intense weeks of challenges, Ethan, Chelsea, Erika, and Macauly have gained their much-deserved positions as the SM Youth Go-See Season 2 Final Four.

For their final challenge, the four contestants were tasked to produce, style, and direct their own Independence Day-inspired campaign photo shoot and video with the help of SM Youth Ambassadors Kaila, Kyle, Jana, and Richard. Eliminated contestants, Justin, Mariah, Shalee, Marco, and Danielle also came back to show their support. In the end, the final four were judged not only by their output from the challenge but also by their overall body of work throughout the competition. Watch here to see who the next SM Youth Ambassadors are:

SM Youth Go-See Season 2 Episode 7: The Filipino Youth

After surviving seven challenging weeks, our final four contestants have reached the finale. From styling themselves in their own fashion show, dancing in their own music video and bringing the on-cam chemistry in their prom shoot to posing in their own high fashion campaign with a snake and testing their capabilities of becoming social media influencers, Chelsea, Ethan, Erika and Macauly have stood out among the pack and the day has finally come when we find out who will be the two new ambassadors of SM Youth. This is the SM Youth Go-See Season 2 Finale.

Posted by SM Youth on Monday, 12 June 2017

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