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What To Buy For Dad: Only Cool Gifts Allowed

It’s that time of the year again, ladies and gents. Show your dads some love and keep away from stirring impish troubles. For once, truly be daddy’s little (or not so little) girls and boys, go easy on the mischief, and celebrate the great guy that he really is.


Brown fedora hat, P299.75; blue green polo, P1,199.75; brown shoes, P2,999.75; brown wallet, P299.75; black shades, P399.75; black and brown sling bag, P2,799.75.

Most often than not, a movie night, a warm cup of coffee, or even a nicely cooked meal after a long day’s work would be a perfect way to simply thank the man of the house. But every once in a while, a.k.a. every Father’s Day, we also like to spoil the guy. For what it’s worth, he deserves to be appreciated for his hard work, all the more for his contributions to the family.


White fedora hat, P299.75; blue suede shoes, P899.75; brown sandals, P699.75.

In case you haven’t made up your mind just yet, we got you covered. We’ve narrowed it down for the man who always plays it cool and nonchalantly puts your needs first before anything—or anyone else.

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